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The Scottish Parliament (Candidates) Bill is currently being considered by the United Kingdom Parliament.

The long title of the Bill is:

A Bill to Amend section 5 of the Scotland Act 1998 to prevent persons standing as both a candidate on a regional list and for a constituency in elections to the Scottish Parliament.

The current version of the bill contains the following clauses:

  • Clause 1 - Amendment of section 5 of the Scotland Act 1998
  • Clause 2 - Short Title

The Bill has been committed to a Committee of the Whole House of Lords. No date for the Committe stage is currently set (Note previous date for Committee withdrawn).

The Government is proposing a similar provision in respect of the Welsh Assembly in the Government of Wales Bill (UK), but is not supporting this bill. As this is a Private Members' Bill without Government support, the bill is unlikely to become law.

The Bill has made the follwoing progress through Parliament:

House Stage Dates / Hansard Links Division Lists
Lords First Reading (Formal) 1st February 2006 N/A
Lords Second Reading 3rd March 2006 Agreed no division
Lords Committee (Whole House)

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