How to Count an Election by The Single Transferable Vote is a book first published by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) by Robert A. Newland and Frank S. Britton in 1973. The book was later reprinted by the ERS in 1976 and 1997.

The book provides precise instructions to Returning Officers on how to count STV elections. The book is used as the basis for the Counting regulations at many students unions in the United Kingdom.

Third Edition Edit

The third edition was published in 1997 and is often referred to as ERS97.

The third edition included the following changes:

  1. The quota is now recalculated in the event that votes become non-transferable before any candidate is deemed elected.
  2. All quotas are now calculated to two decimal places
  3. the optional provision to place votes in suspense was removed.

The third edition is still available from the Electoral Reform Society at the cost of £3.50.


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