The Electoral Systems Bill is currently before the UK Parliament. The bill seeks to introduce a rule that a referendum (national or local) must happen if 5% of appropriate electorate sign a petition calling for one. Such a petition could call for a referendum on a specific voting system or call for a citizens assembley to be formed to select a system to be put to referendum.

The long title of the bill is A Bill to provide for the holding of referendums about methods of election to the House of Commons and to local authorities; to enable a specified number of electors to require the holding of such a referendum; to require the Electoral Commission to establish a Citizen's Assembly to perform functions in relation to referendums; to provide for the adoption by a local authority of a different method of election; and for connected purposes.

The Bill has been dubbed the Electoral Choice Bill by campaigners.

The Bill has not yet been printed. It is due to be debated as Second Reading in the House of Commons on 16th June 2006. This date is provisional and subject to change without notice.

The Bill has made the follwoing progress through Parliament:

House Stage Dates / Hansard Links Division Lists
Commons First Reading (Formal) 15th November 2005 N/A
Commons Second Reading 16th June 2006 (Provisional)

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