The Electoral Reform Society is a pressure group based in the United Kingdom which promotes electoral reform. It was founded in January 1884 as the Proportional Representation Society and the name was changed to Electoral Reform Society in 1958.

The society has actively campaigns for the use of the Single Transferable Vote in general elections. The society believes that the introduction of STV would mean that:

  • All votes would have an equal value
  • The views of the politicians elected would be more representative of those of the electorate.
  • Politicians would become more accountable to the electorate
  • Tactical voting would no longer be necessary.

The society is made up of around 2,000 individuals from across the political and non-political spectrum. The main activities of the society are lobbying of MPs and campainging to raising awareness of what it percieves to be the benefits of STV.


Council of ManagementEdit

See also the main article: Electoral Reform Society Council.

The Society is governed by a fifteen member Council. The Chief Executive Officer of the Society (Ken Ritchie) acts both as Secretary to the Council and as Returning Officer of the Society.

Elections PanelEdit

The Elections Panel is an independent three member committee responsible for overseeing the Society's Council elections.

Related OrganisationsEdit

The Society has two subsidiary companies

The Society also has a charitable wing called The McDougall Trust. The Society is a founder member of the Make Votes Count Coalition.

The Society also has a student and youth wing called X-change.

The Society occasionally receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (

Society's OfficeEdit

The Society has an office at the following address:

6 Chancel Street, London, SE1 0UU

See also: Directions to the Electoral Reform Society Office.

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