The Electoral Administration Act is new United Kingdom legislation that was proclaimed law on 12th July 2006. Previously it had been known as the Electoral Administration Bill, as is the case with all acts before they are given Royal Assent.

The long title of the Bill is:

A Bill to make provision in relation to the registration of electors and the keeping of electoral registration information; standing for election; the administration and conduct of elections and referendums; and the regulation of political parties.

The law exists in the following parts:

  • Part 1 - Co-ordinated On-line Register of Electors
  • Part 2 - Registration of Electors
  • Part 3 - Anti-Fraud Measures
  • Part 4 - Review of Polling Places
  • Part 5 - Standing for Election
  • Part 6 - Conduct of Elections etc.
  • Part 7 - Regulation of Parties
  • Part 8 - Miscellaneous
  • Part 9 - General
  • Schedule 1 - Amendments
  • Schedule 2 - Repeals

Amendment 53 to reduce the minimum voting age in elections to 16 was debated in the House of Lords at Report stage. The amendment was defeated on division: Contents 43, Not Contents 218

The Act made the follwoing progress through the 2006 Parliament:

House Stage Dates / Hansard Links Division Lists
Commons First Reading (Formal) 11th October 2005 N/A
Commons Second Reading 25th October 2005 Amendment - Ayes 166 Noes 374, 2R agreed no division
Commons Program Motion 25th October 2005 Agreed no division
Commons Money Resolution 25th October 2005 Agreed no division
Commons Committee (Whole House) 8th November 2005 Various
Commons Committee (Standing) 15th, 17th & 21st November 2005 Various
Commons Report 11th January 2006 Various
Commons Third Reading 11th January 2006 Agreed no division
Lords First Reading (Formal) 12th January 2006 N/A
Lords Second Reading 13th February 2006 Agreed no division
Lords Committee (Grand) 28th February, 16th, 21st and 23rd March 2006 N/A
Lords Committee (Whole House) 8th May 2006 None
Lords Report 15th May 2006 Various
Lords Third Reading 7th June 2006 Various, Motion to pass agreed no division
Commons Programme Motion (No. 2) 13th June 2006 Agreed no division
Commons Lords Amendments 13th June 2006 Various
Lords Commons Disagreement 20th June 2006 One
Commons Lords Amendments 28th June 2006 One
Lords Commons Disagreement 10th July 2006 Motion to not insist agreed no division
ROYAL ASSENT 11th July 2006 Electoral Administration Bill becomes Electoral Administration Act.

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